Qascom just released a beta version of the cloud-services providing data assistance to OSNMA users.

Starting from 20th October 2022 the OSNMAplus system provides a beta version of the OSNMAplus Services.

These OSNMAplus Services are not part of the European Galileo system, they have been developed by Qascom to provide assistance data services to GNSS users and to GNSS receivers supporting the Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA) service. OSNMAplus Services enable a number of performance and security enhancements for OSNMA users and, as in addition, a lightweight OSNMA-based solution for devices that currently cannot support a full OSNMA implementation (e.g., smartphones). More information is available in the project webpage.

This release is just a first step in the project’s roadmap, which aims to offer several solutions by the end of 2023 and also including:

  • a close-to-market GNSS receiver enabling the use of Galileo OSNMA and I/NAV improvements,
  • a multiplatform library implementing OSNMA in targeting microcontrollers, mobile phones and GNSS receivers in general.

The OSNMAplus consortium comprises QASCOM (as prime contractor), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and UAV Navigation (as subcontractors). The OSNMAplus project is founded by European Union / EUSPA (under the grant Enhanced GNSS receiver/user terminal GSA/GRANT/03/2019).