ONP Services

The ONP-Service, for brevity herein after referred to as ONP-SVC, is responsible for the provisioning of assistance services to enable a secure navigation. The ONP-SVC is hosted in a cloud computing service providing software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), load balancing and auto scaling in order to guarantee an high availability.

The main ONP-SVC products are:

Assisted OSNMAImprove OSNMA performance obtaining part of the OSNMA material from a cloud serviceTransmission of crypto material, service status and list of connected satellites to increase navigation robustness and performances. This service allows to achieve an OSNMA Hot Start in all conditions!
Implement a simple but effective spoofing detection mechanism (without implementing the full OSNMA) with support of a cloud serviceA novel approach to enable a simple security check based on OSNMA data. The Bitwise OSNMAplus service consists in the transmission to the remote device of the timestamped OSNMA data broadcasted by the Galileo satellite. The OSNMA data allows to perform a consistency check with the data received by the onboard GNSS chipset. This service is intended for devices not implementing the OSNMA protocol (e.g.; smartphones without access to the Galileo I/NAV raw navigation messages); despite this type of consistency check is somewhat trivial, it is considered an effective way to easily detect replay attacks and basic spoofing attacks.
Connected Threat ManagementImprove threat detection by getting up-to-date threat definitions from a cloud serviceDelivery of updated threat detection parameters to configure the receiver side machine learning technique. This service will enable to monitor and detect spoofing attacks and to adapt the behavior of the connected devices to cope with the detection of new kind of attacks, without requiring full application software update of the connected devices.