ONP Receivers

The OSNMAplus receiver (ONP-RX) is a standalone system implementing the following features:

  1. Robust GNSS navigation with OSNMA, jamming/spoofing detection and mitigation.
  2. Secure firmware and PVT attestation.
  3. INS and High Accuracy positioning.
  4. Configurable support for ONP connected services.
  5. Support for I/NAV improvements.

The ONP-RX is composed of three main elements:

  1. The SNF (Secure Navigation Filter) is responsible for the provisioning of a robust navigation solution. It’s based on the Qascom QN400 GNSS receiver. This module embeds the ONP SDK which includes a state-of-the-art implementation of OSNMA in terms of performance and robustness against GNSS threats. The QN400 includes several spoofing/jamming detection and mitigation features that have been designed by leveraging Qascom’s unique knowledge in the field of GNSS data authentication and GNSS threats detection and prevention.
  2. The MNF (Multi-sensors Navigation Filter) is responsible for the provisioning of a multi-constellations, multi-frequency navigation solutions and it’s based on a COTS receiver. This module is suitable for all the applications requiring high-accuracy navigation (including UAV, robotics, logistics, precise agriculture, automotive ADAS).
  3. The NIM (Navigation Intelligence Module) provides the integration logic between the two receivers and it provides connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth LE and optionally 4G/5G (e.g. to support communication with the ONP services).