ONP Services (beta)

The announcement: Starting from 20/10/2022 the ONP provides a beta version of the ONP Services. The beta version includes the Bitwise OSNMA and Assisted OSNMA services (with the Connected Threat Management released in a future issue). The beta version is representative of the final services in terms of availability and interface definition, but dummy information is transmitted.

The benefits: With the beta version you can start testing the potential of ONP services. You will be able to test the integration of the bitwise service to improve the robustness of the navigation solution using a simple and non-invasive software solution. You will be able to test the use of Assisted OSNMA to improve the OSNMA user experience (fix time improvement, time distribution service, list of connected satellites).

The technical information: A free license key is available to access beta services and no user registration is required. All the information required to test the beta services (including links and license code) is reported in the user manual (contact us for a copy). A human-friendly representation of the transmitted service data is available at this link.

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